AV Flexologic launches SAMM 3.0 automatic mounter

The international unveiling of the new plate mounting system will take place at drupa 2024.

AV Flexologic has confirmed it will officially launch the third generation of automatic flexo plate mounters at drupa 2024, allowing attendees to discover the equipment's latest features and benefits live at the show.

According to the company, the latest version of SAMM brings ground-breaking advancements to the flexographic industry, continuing to revolutionize and automate mounting departments.

The SAMM 3.0 introduces an entirely new mechanical and visual design, as well as a new user interface. It has been developed in response to the latest trends in the flexo printing industry, including higher quality demands and shorter and more frequent job runs.

The new mounter requires minimal operator intervention. It automatically and accurately mounts plates while offering a range of safety features.

The new design features include an automatic shaft locking system, status LED lights, a redesigned front and back table to accurately mount even curled plates, safety mechanisms to ensure optimal user safety, and updated software with integrated features.

The latest software introduces further improvements, including an intuitive job creation system, Easymount, PDF Import to allow job creation using the plate graphic, and a new job queue system.

The third generation of SAMM also introduces backlight technology, which enhances image recognition and detects mounting marks across a wide range of plates, facilitating faster and more accurate mounting processes.

The improved vacuum table enables the automatic mounting of individual printing plates without operator interaction, keeping the performance of the mounting job with an accuracy of five microns and a mounting speed of under 30 seconds per plate.

The ultra-HD monochrome camera is also new in the latest version, which moves automatically to the mounting position.

Lastly, the Image Recognition System verifies mounting mark alignment, categorizes plates based on preset tolerances, and halts the machine if necessary to prevent incorrect plates from reaching the press.

‘AV Flexologic has already installed over 1,500 SAMM automatic plate mounters globally. To further enhance the efficiency, we have integrated an array of new features into the SAMM, ensuring it remains a top choice for flexo printers worldwide. It offers mounting speed of fewer than 30 seconds per plate, the accuracy of five microns and increases pre-press department efficiency and faster changeovers,’ said the company in a statement.

The SAMM 3.0 will be showcased internationally for the first time at drupa 2024 alongside a range of plate mounting machines, durable printing sleeves, and sustainable plates.