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  • 01 Jul 2019

Bradley Innovation Lab unveils industrial cleaner

Bradley Innovation Lab unveils industrial cleaner

Industrial cleaners are an essential part of every industry, especially for food package printing and converting companies. Without the right cleaning agent, a converter could end up with extended downtimes and low-quality print jobs.

Bradley Systems has launched Yellow Magic 7, an industrial cleaner which can be used for a variety of purposes, including cleaning anilox rollers and other press parts.

Yellow Magic 7 is claimed to be environmentally friendly and to comply with many industry requirements. YM7 has no acetones or acetates, two highly dangerous elements for the environment. It also has an extremely low count of other volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Due to the low VOCs and other chemicals, YM7 does not pose a threat to the manufacturing process and the cleaning of surfaces which came in direct contact with food. That means the converter’s products will be safer for its consumers and are non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) compliant. 

Since its initial offering, clients around the United States have reported a positive experience with Yellow Magic 7. ‘Yellow Magic coincided with our SQF, FPA and GMA safe certifications, and if it takes less scrubbing to clean parts, you're happier,’ said Don Shoberg of Transcontinental (formally Coveris). 

Bradley Systems has partnered with Flexo Technologies to make YM7 readily available on the west coast. Since the passing of the California Clean Air & Water Rule 1171, Bradley wanted to find a west coast distributor to provide companies in California access to YM7, which remains compliant under the new regulations.

‘Yellow Magic is a solution for label converters – especially on the west coast,’ said Doug Nelson of Flexo Technologies 



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