Colordyne partners with Bitek Technology at Labelexpo

Colordyne Technologies will join Bitek Technology at Labelexpo Europe 2019 to demonstrate the integration of digital printing with laser die cutting using Bitek's latest any-link technology. This is the first European event where Colordyne's 1800 Series C will be on display after its launch in the first quarter of 2019.

1800 Series C benchtop digital label printer by Colordyne

At the show, attendees can watch live demonstrations of Colordyne's 1800 Series C paired with Bitek's any-Link universal speed synchronizer and latest laser die cutter, the any- Cut II. Any-Link enables a benchtop label printer to be connected with the any-Cut II for in-line label production. Both any-Link and any-Cut II will debut at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

‘We look forward to joining Bitek at Labelexpo Europe,’ said Andy Matter, president of Colordyne Technologies. ‘This new solution provides users of our benchtop label printers, like the 1800 Series C, a time-saving and cost-effective option for incorporating finishing capabilities into their existing label production process.’

After labels are printed on the 1800 Series C, any-Link stores the media until it is fed into the any-Cut II laser die-cutter at the correct processing speed. Any-Link can measure and adjust the output speed of both the printer and finishing system to pause and resume operation during the production process. This allows users to print and die-cut labels without needing to take the printed roll to a secondary, off-line finishing machine. The any-Cut II builds on Bitek's 150-watt laser engine technology and provides productivity, flexibility and consistency. The any-Cut II is a one-stop finishing machine for laser die-cutting, lamination, scrap matrix removal and slitting.

The 1800 Series C is a continuous benchtop printer powered by Memjet's VersaPass technology for on-demand short run label and tag production. The press features a flat, unobstructed printing path and redesigned printhead maintenance station. These press enhancements eliminate the need for breaking the web to clean the printhead during runs, which increases run lengths and improves print quality. The maintenance functions and stored job library can be accessed through an on-press touch screen, providing quicker access to frequently used printer functions for an enhanced user experience.