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  • 21 May 2021

Esko automates Digimarc Barcode quality control

Esko has integrated Digimarc Barcode detection and data validation into its AVT Print Inspection technology

Esko has integrated Digimarc Barcode detection and data validation into its AVT Print Inspection technology to simplify the production process, give manufacturers and their suppliers an easier way to ensure quality control of Digimarc Barcode-enhanced packaging.

Global packaging supplier Wipak, as part of its goal to be the first carbon-neutral flexible packaging company, is now using Esko AVT technology on a rotogravure press to perform quality control checks on sustainably produced packaging with Digimarc. 

‘This is more than just a feature; it is an important step to ensure in-line quality control throughout complex print runs and the right approach towards becoming an industry-standard,’ commented Florian Constabel, head of Digimarc at Wipak.

Esko AVT Print Inspection technology detects the presence of Digimarc Barcode in real-time and verifies data accuracy along the print production process. Esko will offer the new integration as an upgrade or add-on feature to new and existing systems.

‘A printer’s greatest concern is quality, and the integration of the print inspection solutions with Digimarc improves the quality management process, identifies mid-run issues on time that would otherwise necessitate reprinting, saving time and money,’ said Guy Yogev, marketing director of Esko. ‘Additionally, this integration allows Esko to enhance its offering to customers with more control over the entire printing and converting process, adapting quickly to new market needs.’

‘The integration of Digimarc with Esko represents the first offering of Digimarc quality management using in-line devices specific to the print inspection and quality control industry. The inclusion of Digimarc scanning in print inspection is testimony to growing industry adoption of Digimarc Barcode and its relevance to the consumer packaged goods industry,’ added Scott Wilcox, vice president of client services at Digimarc.

Esko, Digimark, and Wipak will be running an online webinar: Print Quality Control in the Age of Connected Packaging on May 26, 2021 at 10 am (ET). Presenting will be Jay Sperry, platform evangelist at Digimarc; Guy Yogev, marketing director at Esko; Florian Constabel, head of Digimarc at Wipak; and Jamie Colella, senior account executive at GlobalVision. 


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