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  • 11 Jun 2019

GMG ColorProof 5.11 provides automated update notifications

New version of proofing software provides automated notifications

Color management specialist GMG has released a new version of its proofing software GMG ColorProof which provides automated notifications about new software updates for the first time.

The so-called patches can be installed directly from the application. In addition, the update to Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1 brings more compatibility with the latest Adobe products.

Product manager Jens Bloeck said: Automated notification of new patches may sound simple, but it’s an important tool for the workflow and the daily work of our customers. The update to Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1 is also a benefit – it enables our customers to be on an equal level with technical progress.‘

Automated patch notifications
GMG ColorProof 5.11 automatically announces new patches at application start. With a single click, the patch is not only installed, but also the required restart of the software is executed. The new feature provides a clear benefit for all users – eliminating manual downloads, installation and rebooting. Also, no patch is missed, while the effort for the user is reduced to a minimum. To keep the time factor as low as possible and not interrupt the workflow, major software updates are treated separately. At the same time, the decision when patches are installed remains with the user: The option for a later installation is of course given.

Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1
GMG ColorProof 5.11 ensures compatibility with the latest Adobe products. The RIP integrated in GMG ColorProof is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) and complies with the update to APPE 5.1 ​​the latest standard. Users of GMG ColorProof 5.11 now have access to the latest PDF 2.0 technology. Thanks to APPE 5.1 ​​both digital and commercial printing can exploit the full potential of functions such as spectral data for spot colors or black point compensation.

Jobs and printers at a glance with GMG ColorProof GO
The new web-based proofing tool GMG ColorProof GO, which was first published in the latest version of GMG ColorProof, enables users to monitor their job processing and printers from any location. The job list now includes job name, printer, and current status, as well as details such as image names, proof conditions, verification status, dimensions, and color channels. The printers view lists all devices connected to GMG ColorProof and what the current calibration status of the printer is. At a glance, the user can also see users, locations and their permissions.


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