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  • 26 Sep 2019

GSB Wahl launches low migration waterless offset ink

GSB Wahl has launched a low migration UV series 172 MA waterless offset ink at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

GSB Wahl has launched a low migration UV series 172 MA waterless offset ink at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

With the UV series 172 MA launch, the company has developed a low migration ink in accordance with the guidelines of the Swiss Commodities Ordinance and the Nestlé list for waterless UV offset printing. 

The UV series 172 MA has been beta-tested for more than a year at a GSB Wahl customer on different materials, such as paper, PE and PP films, as well as TC thermal materials. 

Even with extreme temperature fluctuations in the pressroom in the summer and winter, the series prints were reportedly stable and constant. 

The UV Series 172 MA is suitable for the Aniflo printing system as well as for conventional roll printing machines. Due to the temperature settings of the rollers and printing plates, the density of the individual colors can be controlled. Even at high printing speeds, there is only a minimum drop in density, says the company.

The Euroscale was developed according to the PSO standard. The UV series 172 MA is available in the Pantone basic colors and the internal quality control requirements guarantee consistent quality. 

A low-migration UV flexo white was also developed for the overall system, which can be overprinted with the UV Series 172 MA. The UV flexo covering white is designed for foils, aluminium materials and special films where a very good adhesion is required is suitable. But even low migration UV overprint varnishes are part of the system. There are gloss, TT-printable and matte coatings. 

A low migration, environmentally friendly and solvent free cleaner PR 9040 was also designed for the waterless ink system. The colors dissolve with the cleaner PR 9040 from the rollers and blankets. The great advantage of this cleaner is that the color dissolves very well, is not smeared and optimally absorbed by the cleaning cloth. 


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