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  • 22 Oct 2008

ImTech unveils UV LED curable ink breakthrough

ImTech has launched a versatile, high performance UV LED curable ink.

As packaging printers are subjected to ever more stringent demands from governmental regulation and the market, their need for easy to operate, flexible and inexpensive printing solutions continue to increase. Because ImTech’s UV LED curable inks print and adhere to a wide variety of non-porous and or difficult substrates and are delivered through HP 45 cartridges, industrial printers will find that ImTech's new formulation of UV curable ink provides them access to the core strengths of the HP value proposition; variable printing solutions with low total cost of ownership. As an OEM inkjet partner with HP’s Specialty Printing Systems Division, ImTech is licensed to fill new, original HP 45 cartridges with its patent pending UV ink formulations.

The ink cures under low heat UV LED diode arrays at speeds greater than 175 feet per minute and 200 feet per minute under conventional UV arc lamps. The ink has demonstrated superior adhesion to PVC, PET film, HDPE, foils, polyethylene label stock, vinyl labels and a variety of aqueous and UV over-coated substrates. This new formulation clearly represents advancement in color consistency, startup time and the flexibility to cure using a variety of light sources.