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  • 04 Mar 2019

Jet Technologies launches oxo-degradable plastic films

Jet Technologies launches oxo-degradable plastic films

Jet Technologies is launching a new oxo-degradable plastic film for food and beverage packaging labels and laminates.

Oxo-degradable films are made in the same way as traditional plastics, and on the same machinery, yet they contain an enzyme additive that accelerates degradation after disposal. As the film degrades it is converted into a food source for bacteria and fungi within a one- to two-year period.

'With landfill being a major issue in Australia and most of the world today, moving away from traditional plastics is becoming an increasingly important focus for many brands,' said Jack Malki, director, Jet Technologies. 'We believe oxo-degradable films provide a good alternative in terms of cost and product quality, compared to traditional plastics and other degradable options currently on the market for labels.'

The oxo-degradable films are price competitive, as they are only approximately 15-20 percent more expensive than regular plastic grades. This makes them considerably more affordable than other options like PLA, which relies on a corn starch basis, and does not have a high structural quality for the production of labels.

Oxo-degradable films run the same way as regular plastic films, with almost all grades of plastic – conventional polymers such as PE, PP, PET - able to be transformed into oxo-degradable versions of base label material as well as overlaminate gloss and matte finishes. Oxo-degradable plastic is also compatible with recycling streams containing traditional plastic, so do not have a negative impact on recyclability.

'We have so far had a strong response from our clients and end users, who see this as an excellent and achievable step in the right direction,' Malki said. 'Our commitment at Jet Technologies is to provide the market with the best film options and technology globally available.'


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