KingT launches L-Press 510/330s

Digital press is equipped with Samba heads, runs at 80 m/min

KingT launches L-Press 510/330s

KingT launches L-Press 510/330s

KingT has launched its new label digital printing equipment L-Press 510/330s, equipped with Fuji Samba nozzle, and capable of running at 80m/min.

Li Zhiming, general manager of KingT, said of the new press:‘Specialized in inkjet printing for many years, this is our first inkjet digital printing equipment in label industry. KingT is currently the first Chinese label digital press supplier using Samba nozzle.’

By adopting the Samba nozzle, the L-Press 510-330s has a resolution of 1200dpi, a minimum ink drop of 2pl, and comes in 330mm/510mm widths. It can achieve 95 percent of the Pantone color range. Its nozzle has an automatic cleaning system, which helps maintain the consistency of multiple batch printing orders.

The new machine could use both coated and uncoated label materials, including paper, film, PP, PF, PVC, PET, BOPP, aluminum foil and PET (20μm), which could produce labels for daily chemical, food and wine, beauty makeup, medicine and security industry, meeting the needs of various applications and markets.

The devices are sold around the world.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic inevitably hit the global print market and its growth slowed down for a while. But the resilience of Chinese market continues to surprise us,’ Li added. ‘With the end of the epidemic, the printing industry showed a positive trend. We firmly believe that the future is promising.’

KingT is a subsidiary of Golden Stick Holding Group. Founded in 2009, KINGT is committed to the development of industrial digital printing equipment, in packaging, textile fabric, corrugated carton, board and other fields. Now its business covers more than 80 countries and regions. The company adheres to independent innovation and has more than 100 software and hardware patents.

The group also has its own ink factory for inkjet printing industry, which could greatly ensure color stability and reduce the production cost for label converters.

Yolanda Wang

  • China editor