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  • 06 Sep 2013

Labelexpo Europe 2013 exhibitor preview: Ancillary equipment

The Nanovis Nanocleaner NWC-1200 a VOC-free washing system for flexo press parts

Labels & Labeling previews new products and companies categorized as ancillary equipment to be on show at Labelexpo Europe 2013:

3ES Mega Elektromekanik

3ES launches its Prosilver Aqueous flexo plate washer. The in-line system will handle both digital and analog flexo plates up to 900 x 1,200mm. A built-in filter system handles up to 300 liters per hour. The product will be demonstrated together with exposure, finishing and dryer units. The Silver plate processor is for plate sizes up to sizes of 500 x 700mm. It features an automatic plate thickness adjustment option.


Introduces Betasound, Enhanced SuperSweep and Active Cavitation technologies to enhance productivity and cleaning capabilities of anilox roll washing systems, particularly for High Definition printing applications.


Demonstrates the lightweight series of UltraCell anilox rolls with improved ceramic layer and GTT cell geometry, whose open slalom ink channel geometry allows ink to flow more precisely onto a printing plate. Also unveils the ReadyRoll program of pre-coated bases in popular sizes in stock and ready for custom engraving.


Displays new, more compact shear testing control panel, recording both time and temperature failure points electronically via a touchscreen device. The data is fully downloadable.

Cheshire Anilox Technology

Announces a new anilox engraving system, MaxfloUV, which maximizes the ink flow within cells, offering higher ink transfer at high speeds – particularly suited to the latest generation of high-strength UV inks. Widening the bottom of the cell improves ink transfer and linking the cells eases the ink flow helping avoid UV spitting or spray. Also demonstrates Proflo engraving, specifically developed for HD printing at ultra-fine line counts (+600L/cm). This allows flexo printers to work with the expanded tone range of offset and rotogravure printing. EasyFlo HD is designed for high-opacity UV flexo whites, ‘achieving opacity levels of screen printing at faster speeds in one single pass’.


Features the new MDC Optilife Plus doctor blade with corrosion protection against abrasive water-based inks and varnishes, and when printing on abrasive media.


Features the off-line core cutter Vesna with fully automatic settings, and easy and quick-change diameter for flexibility and high production rates. Also shows the simple manual core cutter Primevère type PM1 for short runs.

Electro Optic

Majors on its Gold Line Special flexible dies for difficult to cut materials on ultra-thin PET or PP liner materials of <20μ.

Flexo Concepts

Shows its latest innovation, TruPoint Orange, a new polymer blade tip that allows for a finer contact area with the anilox roll, claimed to offer comparable or superior performance to steel with no danger of anilox scoring. Effective metering of line screens ranging from 12l/cm (30lpi) to 785l/cm (2,000lpi) at press speeds reaching 460m/min (1,500ft/min). The company says TruPoint Orange has also been shown to cure UV spitting.

Flexo Wash

Has redeveloped the FW Handy XLA anilox roll cleaner into a bigger machine capable of cleaning four rolls at a time  Also shows the new PK Flat Screen Wash unit, allowing two screens to be cleaned at the same time.


The new G-Wash 150 is an in-line cleaning system whose closed chamber construction method prevents the solvent from intermixing with other liquids. Four cylinders at a time can be handled. Closed circuit and adaptable filtering systems are incorporated.

GSE Dispensing

Introduces the Colorsat Switch gravimetric flexo and gravure ink dispenser, to mix spot colors for label and narrow web production runs, regardless of ink set. The unit dispenses aqueous, UV or solvent ink batches (compliant with ATEX Equipment Directive 94/9/EC) into five-liter buckets. Powered by GSE’s proprietary Ink Management Software (IMS), the Switch provides a means of achieving the exact volume requirements without performing complex, time consuming manual calculations. Any excess ink left over from a print job can be calculated into new recipes, thus greatly reducing waste. GSE also demonstrates how its dispensers can be integrated into plant wide MIS systems.


Latest developments include High Imaging Volume Engravings (HIVE) anilox engraving technology including LaserKote, XDI and XLT anilox rolls. Also on display is the Phantom QD ink proofing system, plate sleeve and bridge sleeves.


Shows the narrow web Pushpull corona treatment system with ceramic electrodes, which can treat both conductive and non-conductive substrates along with digitally controlled corona generator.

JM Heaford

Introduces the FTS plate mounter. After the plate is positioned on the table using laser alignment, the cylinder or sleeve is brought down into contact by a precision air jacking system. The action of sliding the cushion table back and forth applies the plate around the cylinder or sleeve under constant balanced pressure, providing uniform adhesion and eliminating the possibility of trapped air pockets.

Kocher + Beck

Introduces major enhancements to the established GapMaster range. GapMaster Auto-Sensor permanently measures the gap between the magnetic cylinder and the GapMaster and maintains the gap by use of a servo-motor. The Magnet-GapMaster is designed for intermittent cutting units which operate with a single cylinder, and cutting units without counter pressure rollers can now modified to accommodate the GapMaster. Another innovation is the Quick Change Die-Cutting (QCDC) station, which allows jobs to be set up off-line. In a live demonstration the combination of these core elements will be shown in a complex off-line cutting station. A newly designed non-stop winding system, the UR Precision 440, is also shown, connected to a sophisticated cutting system for thin liner. Shows for the first time the UR Precision M non-stop matrix winding system.

Konica Minolta Sensing Europe

Color management tools on display include the new FD-5 and FD-7 spectrophotometers.

Longford International

Highlights the newly updated OS700X Booklet Label Feeder, for the placement of booklet labels onto a web whether integrated on press or as part of an off-line finishing system for the creation of ECL labels. Placement tolerance is +/- 0.5mm at speeds up to 35,000 booklets per hour.


Shows the recently launched Hyperion anti-static bars, 971IPS and 929 IPS, and the non-contact web cleaner CyClean, capable of removing contamination to below one micron. Contamination can be isolated.

Multifeeder Technology

Launches the 1300DHSL web tipping system. The machine is claimed to achieve ‘sub-millimeter’ precision in sheet-to-web tipping applications using patent-pending Leading EdgeRegistration technology.


Demonstrates its new Nanocleaner NWC-1200 a VOC-free washing system for flexo press parts, including aniloxes, which constantly recycles its own cleaning agent. It removes UV-, solvent- and water-based inks, leaving only small quantities of solid waste for incineration.

Pamarco Global Graphics

Promotes its new EFlo-HD laser engraved roll, with new cell structure allowing printers to expand their color gamut and contrast range as part of a high definition flexo workflow.


Displays a wide range of UV LED curing products on stand and on OEM partner stands throughout the show. Both air- and water-cooled products are based on patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology utilizing proprietary packaging, optics and thermal design.

Railex Filing

Shows hanging file storage systems for all large format media, including cutting dies, plates foil and film.

RK PrintCoat Instruments/Testing Machines

Demonstrates equipment from K Hand Coater to FlexiProof 100 used to produce repeatable samples of surface coatings for customer presentation samples, computer color matching data, and to test for gloss, strength and weathering.


Demonstrates R/bak SA 2000 cushion mounting tapes with new adhesive properties and improved release characteristics. The open-cell structure of the polyurethane cushion mounting tape absorbs shock, reducing gear banding and press bounce.


The newly launched Accu-series of flexible dies is suitable for short through to long run projects. Includes ‘economic’ AccuSmart while AccuPrime converts a wider range of substrates and liners. For the most challenging applications, AccuStar UltraFilm is offered, while AccuStar Life targets the most abrasive materials converters face today.


Launches the Florentil direct loading system for sleeves without isolated bearings and the ORI-2000 contact-free web cleaner.


Plate mounting cushion tapes and technical consultants at the show.


Launches a new standard for anilox volumetric measurement based on the objective mathematical measurement of spheres. Also new is the Plate 2 Print HD (P2P HD) optical microscope, whose 5 Mega Pixel array allows trade houses and printers to accurately calibrate HD flexo plates and check final dot quality.

TTR Euroworks

Demonstrates range of TTR jumbos and ribbons, thermal printheads, hot/cold foils and slitting machines.


Shows its VE1A corona treaters for narrow web press lines featuring Quick Change electrode system.


Shows Vacuum Insert and Spring Plunger special dies to ensure consistent slug removal on challenging pressure sensitive label, medical and gasket applications. Designed with interchangeable inserts, Vacuum Insert dies pick up and extract the slug via a vacuum attachment. Spring Plunger Dies are designed to prevent waste from building up inside die cavities. A scrap recovery box may also be added.

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