Loftware releases Spectrum 4.6

Loftware has released version 4.6 of Spectrum, a cloud-based enterprise labeling technology, enabling customers to drive printer device types to seamlessly deploy, maintain, and scale all their labeling, marking, and coding operations across multiple locations.

Loftware has released version 4.6 of Spectrum

A key component of Loftware Spectrum 4.6 is added support for all Loftware NiceLabel’s printer drivers. It now supports more than 5,000 drivers over a broad set of devices, including Videojet, Domino, Markem-Imaje, Epson, Eltron, Avery Dennison, and many others in the future. Spectrum 4.6 users can now mark products quickly and efficiently while adhering to global customer, regulatory, and branding requirements.

‘Large, global companies are looking for a single software solution that can replace their disparate labeling applications and drive all their print devices,’ commented Josh Roffman, Loftware SVP, marketing and product management. ‘By adopting Spectrum 4.6 as part of a cloud-first strategy, businesses gain printing flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency to improve their bottom line and support global growth.’

The new Loftware Spectrum 4.6 operator dashboard enables customers to interface with their coding and marking equipment, visualize their production environment, and initialize job deployment workflow. This combines with standard integration across business applications to eliminate the human touch from labeling, marking, and coding operations. 

By ensuring the correct template and data are at each printer in their facilities and contractors, organizations can avoid costly and time-consuming errors from inconsistent manual interventions and mislabeling on the production floor.

Other enhancements include improved monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, easier configuration and upgrades, and an updated user interface to align with Loftware’s new corporate brand.