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  • 06 May 2022

OPM Group launches Multi Dex label design

OPM Group has taken the peel and read concept to the next level with the launch of Multi Dex label design suitable for a wide range of applications

OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group has taken the peel and read concept to the next level with the launch of Multi Dex label design suitable for a wide range of applications within the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, automotive, personal care, beauty and cosmetics industries.

The Multi Dex label has an adhesive hinge that can be placed anywhere within the label, allowing pages to be peeled back to reveal additional printed layers. The label can be indexed and peeled back on the left and right-hand sides independently, doubling the number of indexes available. A specially formulated adhesive also allows the layers to be peeled and resealed repeatedly.

“Multi Dex is a multi-layered, multi-indexed, multi-substrate, multi-colored peel and read label solution,’ said Susan Ellison, joint MD at OPM. ‘It enables brands to maintain eye-catching shelf appeal using color on multi-layers, while providing a functional label that provides significant extra space for brand information. Its versatility means it can be used for a wide range of label sizes and requirements to meet the specific needs of the brand and product involved.

‘The extra layers provided by Multi Dex make adding extra information to a pack or product easy. Additional languages can be individually peeled back, and all identified simply in an index format. Pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers can add patient usage guides, while brand owners can add nutritional and regulatory information, recycling instructions or the brand provenance and narrative.’

Multi Dex can be printed in up to ten colors and applied to packs and products of all shapes and sizes – the label materials provide curl resistance that can sometimes occur on shaped and cylindrical containers - and can incorporate decorative and tactile finishes, including foiling, for enhanced shelf appeal. Meanwhile, product authenticity or tamper-evident features can be achieved through the ability to die-cut within the multi-layer label structure.

OPM can produce the Multi Dex label in a single pass to maintain high-quality graphics, ensuring no ad mixes occur when bringing two previously printed webs together.

‘Our ongoing investments, collaboration with suppliers, in-house knowledge, and forward-thinking approach means that we continue to push the boundaries in labeling and packaging innovation to meet our customers’ evolving requirements,’ concluded Ellison.


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