Phoseon launches air-cooled UV LED flexo curing lamp

Phoseon Technology has developed FireJet FJ605, a self-contained and air-cooled UV LED curing lamp for flexographic applications.

FJ605 is suitable for applications that require speeds up to 1000ft/min (300m/min) in print widths of 600mm or 675mm

Launched at Labelexpo Americas 2018, FJ605 features an air-cooled irradiance level claimed up to 20W/sq cm. It has increased total UV output power performance, an advanced control interface and is available in lamp lengths that cover the gamut of narrow and mid web presses.

It is suitable for applications that require speeds up to 1000ft/min (300m/min) in print widths of 600mm or 675mm, as well as advanced digital interface capabilities for tight process control, such as low-migration processes for food packaging.

Phoseon said FJ605 was designed for press manufacturers and convertors looking for market-leading performance and digital control. It can also be retrofitted to installed presses

Sara Jennings, senior technical marketing engineer at Phoseon, commented: ‘FJ605  is a high-performance self-contained air-cooled solution that doesn’t require exhaust blowers or water chillers. This uses less system power when compared with traditional mercury and water-cooled offerings, saving convertors energy expenses while still operating presses at high speeds.’

Further, FJ605 supports: TargetSure, a patent-pending technology that monitors UV irradiance in real time; WhisperCure, delivering air-cooled performance at reduced decibel level; and TargetCure, for fast performance uniformity with the instant on and off capability of LED and reliability of performance over the life of the lamp.

FireJet FJ605 also come with a three-year standard warranty. It will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Phoseon has also introduced FireEdge FE100, the first natural convection UV LED light source for industrial curing, also launched at Labelexpo Americas 2018.