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  • 16 Apr 2019

S-OneLP and CDA partner for eBeam finishing system

S-OneLP and CDA partner for eBeam finishing system

S-One Labels & Packaging has partnered with Custom Design Applications to develop the CatPak System.

CatPak is a system for coating and curing 30-inch flexible packaging films utilizing eBeam technology. EBeam is a finishing option for fast, clean, food-safe flex-pack films. CatPak brings all the key components together in one system.

Converters opt for eBeam because it offers a uniform, instantaneous cure that creates a food-compliant finished surface without post-cure time, and eBeam provides the same gloss and depth of image as reverse printed and laminated packaging. Plus, the CatPak System won’t damage HP Indigo ElectroInk, and it seamlessly supports fixtures like zippers and spouts.

The CatPak System includes the eBeam coater, corona treater and 30-inch web unwind and rewind modules integrated into the eBeam curing system base frame. The system can also be customized to include digital embellishing equipment. EBeam coatings and flexible packaging films will also be available through the CatPak System and S-OneLP to complete the full flex-pack printing and finishing solution.

‘We are excited to combine CDA’s amazing ability to build high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment with S-OneLP’s extensive films and coatings expertise and offer to our customers the single most reliable high performing eBeam system for flex-pack applications,’ said Ralph Giammarco, VP of S-One Labels & Packaging.

CDA president and CEO Tim Burke said: ‘This partnership with S-OneLP allows CDA to utilize our expertise on not only building and maintaining custom designed equipment, but to create systems that will be optimized with coatings and films to produce the best solutions for our customers.’ 


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