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  • 16 Mar 2009

Schober USA introduces tag inserter for wet and dry inlays

Schober USA has launched the RFID-TI Combi for the insertion and application of wet and dry RIFD inlays in registration at high speed onto a continuously driven release liner. A dual reader verifies the transponder or finished RFID labels to ensure total production monitoring with a zero scrap rate. Designed specifically for the production of smart labels, the RFID-TI Combi is suited to automatic product tracking, inventory management, logistic control, and other industrial and commercial applications. Each unit is equipped with a special mode for anti-theft tags and labels (EAS).  

This new technology inserts UHF and HF inlays under die-cut blank or pre-printed labels and validates the finished product. Control and monitoring is accomplished through the new pendant station which houses an industrial PC. Additional features include a new tag dispenser with web tension relief, strategically placed start/stop buttons, greater information gathering capabilities, and optional static discharge protection. The technology works with transponders in accordance with ISO specifications, in widths from 10 mm to 160 mm (with lengths of 10mm to 180 mm). Pre-printed labels with widths from 20 mm to 200 mm can be applied at rates up to 50 meters/minute. An on board RFID reader ensures the readability of each RFID tag after integration. An automatic control system keeps transponders and printed labels in register. The RFID-TI Combi can produce contact-less readable tickets for labels with holograms, peel-off labels, garment labels, swing tags, public transportation cards, admission tickets, and more. 

Standard features built into Schober RFID inserters include an automatic web guide system for base material, mechanical cross-register for transponders, auto-advance for missing transponders, servo-driven labeling head for opaque and transparent label reels, an electronic re-winder with tension control for assembled labels and a new operator pendent. 

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