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  • 02 Jun 2009

Sun Chemical launches UV flexo narrow web ink

Sun Chemical has launched SolarFlex Nova, a new ink that is designed to meet the demands of the evolving narrow web market and suitable for a variety of flexo press models.
SolarFlex Nova joins the Solaris System of products and services, a global product line of printing inks, coatings and services dedicated to narrow web printing. The Solaris range, including SolarFlex Nova, caters to almost all narrow web processes including UV flexo, water-based flexo, screen whites and colors, letterpress and lithography. 
SolarFlex Nova is claimed to offer quick make-ready, efficient printing and easy print finishing. To provide the exact amount of SolarFlex Nova ink for a given job, an advanced ink management system works together with the associated color tools and the Solaris ColourSat dispenser.
On the press, the new ink has optimized cure and consistent quality enabling trouble-free printing at the highest press speeds. Enhanced hold-out and adhesion allow fewer problems associated with 'difficult' substrates while high color strength permits the use of finer aniloxes which offer the highest print quality, improved ink mileage and greater color matching flexibility. Furthermore, the silicone-free formulation provides the receptivity required for easier print enhancements such as varnishing, foil blocking and variable image printing.
Jonathan Sexton, European sales director narrow web for Sun Chemical, said: ‘Our aim is for the Solaris range to provide the best inks and coatings technology that Sun Chemical can offer. The introduction of SolarFlex Nova to the range will enable us to continue delivering the exceptional productivity and innovative total solutions packages that our customers have come to expect from us.’

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