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  • 10 Nov 2020

Techkon enhances ChromaQA

Techkon has added advanced Inkroom QC capabilities and PQX support to its latest ChromaQA

Techkon has added advanced Inkroom QC capabilities and PQX support to its latest ChromaQA color quality ecosystem.

ChromaQA is a color quality technology designed for packaging printers who wish to improve the color accuracy of their ink supply chain, shorten pressroom make-readies, ensure color consistency across each press run and have visibility and reporting capabilities for quality managers and brand owners.

The new, dedicated ink module enables organizing and storing all color and ink standards in centralized, cloud-based, database which is accessible to all production locations throughout the organization. In addition, ink QC tools allow technicians to perform quality checks on incoming ink deliveries from outside vendors, in-plant ink suppliers, or when mixing new batches of ink themselves.

Besides checking only colorimetric parameters of new ink batches, the latest version of ChromaQA now calculates and reports on an ink’s color strength, contrast ratio, opacity, and metamerism index. These metrics provide a comprehensive evaluation of new ink batches compared to the original color standard.

In the pressroom, ChromaQA has added support for PQX (Print Quality eXchange / ISO 20616-2), a new standardized file format for the exchange of measured color and print quality data. This helps printers to decide which color quality technology best fits their individual needs while having the ability to provide brand customers with measured results in an industry standard file format.

‘ChromaQA is praised by packaging printers around the globe because of its easy-to-use software interface, powerful feature set, and lower price point compared to competitive color quality solutions,’ said Stephen Rankin, director of product management at Techkon. 

‘Our customers simply love that we offer a dedicated ink management and QC module that allows them to catch ink problems before they reach the pressroom resulting in even smoother make-readies for press operators. In addition, we’re excited to offer support for PQX which allows packaging printers to deliver color and print quality results to brand clients in an industry standard format and while still using the pressroom color quality software of their choice,’ concluded Rankin.


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