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  • 03 Nov 2020

Toppan launches films for mono-material packaging

Toppan launches transparent barrier films with PE and BOPP for mono-material packaging

Toppan USA has added GL-LE-G polyethylene (PE) and GL-LP-G biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) based products to its range of GL Barrier transparent vapor-deposited barrier films.

Numerous companies are taking measures towards better circulation of containers and packaging, and efforts to drive recycling by adopting mono-material structures. Schemes for the recovery and recycling of PE are starting to be seen in the US and polypropylene (PP) is regarded as a recyclable material in Europe and other regions. Toppan has responded to these trends by driving the shift to mono-material functional packaging.

With GL-LE-G, Toppan has employed its advanced processing technology to overcome the difficulty of vapor deposition on PE and create, what is claimed to be, the world’s first transparent vapor-deposited barrier film with a PE substrate. According to Toppan, the BOPP version achieves the world’s highest-level barrier performance for a BOPP film.

‘GL-LE-G and GL-LP-G have been made possible by taking full advantage of the technologies Toppan has developed over more than 30 years as a global leader in the manufacture of transparent vapor-deposited films,’ said Masa Tatewaki, president and CEO of Toppan USA. 

‘With strong demand for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions in light of such issues as the problem of plastic waste, we have received considerable interest in these new films and are targeting sales of USD 20 million in 2025. We will continue to advance more readily recyclable mono-material packaging for wide ranging contents and target the development of eco-friendly packages facilitating the circulation of plastic resources for a sustainable society,’ added Tatewaki.

Full-scale sales of GL-LE-G and GL-LP-G will be launched initially in the US and European markets and will be targeted at the food and toiletries sectors.


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