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  • 19 May 2022

Toyobo develops Lesire laser-printable film

Toyobo has developed Lesire, which is claimed to be the industry’s first labeling film compatible with laser printers

Japanese material specialist Toyobo has developed Lesire, which is claimed to be the industry’s first labeling film compatible with laser printers, designed to speed up the printing process and enhance recyclability.

According to Toyobo, the demand for eco-friendly packaging films is increasing against growing global environmental awareness. The primary type of film that currently serves as a substrate requires two production steps: printing with jet printers and coating treatment and printing characters and designs with thermal printers. However, labels using this type of film can be recycled only after ink and coating agents are washed off.

Lesire is, according to Toyobo’s study of substrates, the industry’s first label film directly printable film with the use of general-purpose laser printers. 

The company has combined its film-designing knowledge with unique technology to control molecular structures. Since ink replenishment and coating treatment are unnecessary, the production process can be shortened significantly. 

Also, since printing is done inside the film by laser, it effectively prevents missing or incomplete designs and tampering by other parties. Moreover, with no requirement for washing off ink and coating agents, the new product offers significantly enhanced recyclability.

Toyobo already offers a lineup of recyclable and eco-friendly films, helping its clients use mono-materials, including Olyester, a polyester film used as a sealant, and biaxially oriented polypropylene DP065, offering a high barrier performance. Adding Lesire to its product portfolio, Toyobo further contributes to a circular economy model.

The company started providing samples in early December 2021 and plans to begin the full-scale rollout of the product in 2022.


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