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  • 13 Oct 2016

Uflex engineers thinnest PET ALOx film

Uflex engineers thinnest PET ALOx film

Uflex has launched Flexaloxprotect F-PGX, a 9.5 micron speciality ALOx polyester film claimed to be the thinnest PET ALOx film available globally.

Engineered by Uflex’s fully owned subsidiary, Flex Americas, in Mexico, Uflex said Flexaloxprotect F-PGX exhibits excellent barrier for oxygen and water vapors.

Being a down-gauged film, Flexaloxprotect F-PGX is 24 percent lighter than its 12.5 micron variant and almost 60 percent lighter than the 23.5 micron variant. Furthermore, the price coordinates are better and so is the yield, it is claimed. While the 12.5 micron ALOx film has a yield of 57.14 sqm per kg and the 23.5 micron film has a yield of 30.4 sqm per kg, the 9.5 micron speciality ALOx film yields 75.18 sqm per kg.

The PET ALOx film can be reverse printed and then laminated with a sealing substrate. ALOx coated films can be used in 2-ply structures up to multi-layered laminates. Further, the PET ALOx film complies with EC and FDA regulations for food contact.

J K Sharma, assistant general manager for technical service and new product development at Uflex, said: ‘One side of the polyester film is coated with aluminum oxide in a special metalizer where aluminum metal is thermally evaporated and reacted with oxygen under high vacuum conditions to achieve its oxide.

‘The ALOx when deposited on clean film surface offers high barrier against oxygen and water vapor transmission, simultaneously giving excellent clarity and transparency to the film,’ added Sharma, who is credited with the development of the ALOx film at Uflex.

Pramod Sirsamkar, president of technical and new product development of Uflex’s Films division, added: ‘PET ALOx is a significantly down-gauged transparent barrier film. Besides excellent barrier properties, the film exhibits superior ink anchorage, suitability for retort applications, imparts strength to the ensuing laminate and has optimum coefficient of friction thereby offering great machinability to convertors.’

Uflex chairman and managing director Ashok Chaturvedi concluded: ‘We put a lot of emphasis on sustainable innovation. The development of Flexaloxprotect F-PGX is a classic example of this. Development of such efficient packaging films enhances the value proposition for converters, brands and the end consumers alike. It’s a win-win.’


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