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  • 14 Sep 2021

Xaar introduces Irix printhead

Xaar has introduced Irix, the latest printhead designed to provide accurate, reliable, and easy printing for coding and marking

Xaar has introduced Irix, the latest printhead designed to provide accurate, reliable, and easy printing for coding and marking, product printing, functional fluids and 3D printing applications.

Building on the successful Xaar 128, the Xaar Irix is the latest printhead from the ImagineX platform, which sets the roadmap for Xaar’s bulk inkjet innovations and printhead developments. 

The Irix printhead provides highly accurate delivery of ink drops, with the combination of individually lasered nozzles and Xaar’s AcuDrp technology helping to calibrate each nozzle and provide excellent drop placement. Uniform drop velocity and volume are also delivered, giving improved image quality at longer print distances and helping provide benefits such as high code recognition for coding and marking applications.

Xaar’s AcuDrp technology also makes a wider operating window possible, offering increased reliability and uptime over a range of operating conditions, with enhanced factory calibration providing more consistent printing across different images and fluids. 

According to Xaar, the Irix is simple to use, easy to integrate, lightweight and has a compact footprint, making it suitable for a wide variety of print engine configurations. In addition, its simple fluid and electrical connections make for easy integration, fast start up and straightforward maintenance. 

Designed as a non-disposable technology with long life for minimal environmental impact, no cartridge replacement is necessary, helping minimize waste and improve the sustainability credentials for Xaar Irix users. 

‘We are delighted to be launching the Xaar Irix as the next printhead from our ImagineX platform,’ commented Graham Tweedale, general manager of Xaar’s printhead business unit. ‘Designed with the user in mind, the Xaar Irix ensures accurate, reliable and easy print for coding and marking, wide-format graphics and additive manufacturing applications and provides efficient, effective and impressive results, time after time.’


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