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  • 25 Sep 2019

Xeikon shows new smart label application

Using three bags of coffee with three different label designs, the experiment will show visitors which out of the three is the ‘best seller’ in the market.

Xeikon has unveiled at Labelexpo Europe 2019 a new smart label product developed and created in partnership with UPM Raflatac and Magic Add. Demonstrations are held on both Xeikon and UPM Raflatac’s stands at the show.

The cloud-based application enables track and trace capability for labels and is designed to help brand owners bring labels and packaging online.

Jeroen Van Bauwel, director of product management at Xeikon, said: ‘More and more brands want to say “we are providing the authentic product”. In creating this smart label solution for brand owners, we have worked with UPM Raflatac and Magic Add to put the smart part into label design. Many industries are integrating technology into their product lines and producing smart products to meet current trends. Xeikon continues to utilize the constant advancements in technology for the benefit of the label community. This smart label solution incorporates technology that extends the functionality of labels and packaging beyond traditional print methods. What’s exciting is the technology behind the action.’

Every package is made unique with an image, text, a number or a code, and is ready to be scanned with standard applications. There are a number of options such as QR codes that give consumers the ability to track the product throughout its complete lifecycle. End users can trace the place of origin of the product and every step from there through to the consumer. They can check storage conditions during transport and track the journey of the product from supplier to retailer. Smart labels have the unique ability to allow manufacturers to continue to interact with their customers, even after the initial purchase is done and the product has been brought home.

Engaging with the consumer through smart labels has a multitude of creative possibilities. Information can include recipes, wine recommendations, details and advice on food calories, health and dietary information. Importantly for the pharmaceutical sector, an extra layer of information can be added to communicate on vital guidelines and safety warnings. In the food sector, brands can use the smart label to show the origin and composition of their product.

Xeikon’s smart label product works in a number of ways. The end user benefits from the engagement and the experience, while the brand owner and the product supplier can gather data, which helps them research into consumer preferences and the most popular products. Converters can widen their application range and offer new functionality to their customers, and marketeers can plan more meaningful and targeted campaigns.

Xeikon will demonstrate examples of its smart label product at Labelexpo Europe 2019. Using three bags of coffee with three different label designs, the experiment will show visitors which out of the three is the ‘best seller’ in the market. The example will reveal live data showing the tracing of the coffee to a specific farmer, and the tracking of the product through its journey to the store and to the end user. This valuable information gives visibility to the end user and market intelligence to the brand owner, and contributes to the security of the supply chain. Xeikon’s system is also offering the brand owner an option to change their designs while maintaining the smart content.


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