Fedrigoni focuses on sustainability at Labelexpo

The Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives brand makes its appearance at the show for the first time with its new identity

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is presenting its products at Labelexpo Europe 2023, for the first time with its new group identity at stand 5A57. 

The group's sustainability objectives are mainly two: to minimize process waste and to make products that encourage proper recycling of adhesive bottles and containers. In recent years, for example, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has studied ways to reduce the waste represented by the label backing so that it can be used again. In the same spirit, the company will present RE-Play a range of products in which the siliconized backing is recovered and recycled in a closed loop recycling system to produce new luxury label face stocks. 

Among the featured products is the new neck labels range, branded Manter, a line of premium self-adhesive materials combining collars and labels for luxury products, ideal for the wine and spirits sector. The line's self-adhesive products are designed for neck labels of all kinds, so that the entire packaging can be coordinated and the product 'dressed' in a truly bespoke outfit. With the development of special ad-hoc adhesives for this type of application, this range offers performance and quality, capable of reducing the so-called 'memory effect' of paper.  

The company has also debuted the new premium wash-off references, an entire range that responds to the increasingly pressing need to re-use glass bottles. These exclusive materials, designed for wine and spirits products, guarantee excellent performance during immersion in ice and at the same time ideal results when removing the label in an alkaline solution at 80 degrees Celsius.  

There are also products for luxury labelling, such as 100 percent recycled papers and papers made from alternative fibers.  

Also in the spotlight are products for pharma. Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives products are developed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and European food regulations. They offer long-lasting adhesion and high cohesion, as well as an effective tracking process. The products are designed for small-diameter containers and over-the-counter drugs, syringes, ampoules, vials, insulin pens, pharmaceutical carton seals, tamper-evident labels, refrigerated storage labels, peel-off labels, multi-layer constructions and booklet/multi-page labels. 

The company is also showing products for food and beverage and home and personal care sectors. These materials can be perfectly adapted to any packaging and type of application: from materials for direct contact to solutions with Greaseproof technology; from paper and film materials with recycled content to the range of bio-based films; from open and close solutions with a single-material approach for wet wipes to Ri-Move solutions designed for sustainable labeling of containers and bottles for recycling and re-use.