Alwan Color Expertise launches ColorCloud

The company provides software and consultancy to many businesses in the graphic arts industry, including commercial, packaging and specialty printers.

Alwan Color Expertise has launched ColorCloud, a new online platform offering users free and paid subscription plans allowing them to calibrate, profile, predict and assess the conformance of their proofs and prints.

As per the company, the unique benefit of Alwan ColorCloud resides in its easy-to-use, step-by-step interface.

Users will be able to access the following functions:

Hydra profiling
Build accurate 3-7 color ICC profiles with Alwan's Hydra spectral technology: 
•    Print and measure charts with very small number of patches
•    Unique spectral profiling technology for accurate colors and vibrant images
•    Simplified profile building process with easy step-by-step guidelines

Calibration curves
Build accurate ISO and G7 curves with Alwan's smart calibration technology: 
•    Print and measure ISO or G7 compliant control strip
•    Unique smart calibration technology for accurate and stable colors on press
•    Simplified curve building process with easy step-by-step guidelines

Profile viewer
Assess your ICC profile and compare it with a reference profile: 
•    Load your ICC profile and visualize its gamut in 3D
•    Display profile data graphically and numerically for advanced analysis
•    Check colorimetry, TVI, TRC and G7 gray balance curves

Conformance assessment
Assess proof and print conformance according to ISO and G7 standards: 
•    Choose your reference printing conditions
•    Import/measure one or several control strips
•    Get a pass/fail score on screen with a detailed PDF report