Nick Coombes

Nick Coombes is an editorial consultant to Labels & Labeling. He has many years of experience writing about package printing developments, and was involved in the move to see greater integration of package printing technology into the publication's output. Nick joined the UK printing industry in 1977 as marketing manager of a family business that imported printing and bookbinding machinery manufactured in the DDR (the former East Germany).  In 1980, he established The Publicity Studio to offer a range of marketing services to international machinery manufacturers supplying the print industry.  Since the 1990s he has been an editorial contributor to a number of the leading international print magazines, including Labels & Labeling and Folding Carton Industry. Nick is a member of IP3 (Institute of Paper, Printing & Publishing), and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. He has been a judge for numerous industry awards programs, incuding the Finat Label Awards. Away from work, he enjoys cricket, as a member of MCC, golf at Royal Cinque Ports, and relaxing at home with his wife and two dogs.

The world of package printing

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