The Fold&Fix machine folds flat printed sheets (to produce the leaflet) and adheres them onto pre-printed or unprinted web using discrete lines of hotmelt glue.  The machines can also laminate, die cut and strip the waste, to produce the finished product, the Fix-a-Form leaflet label® all in a single pass.

In-line folding can produce leaflets with up to 36 pages plus, up to 30 metres (100 feet) per minute, improving efficiency, reducing lead times and increasing control of the production process.

With a 16½” (420mm) web width and the capability to handle ¾” (19mm) to 15″ (381mm) leaflet lengths.


  • Leaflet folding and placement in a single pass
  • Optional pile feeder for pre-folded leaflets, booklets or other items
  • Lamination or glue-only production modes
  • High capacity low cost flat-bed die-cutting
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Single machine operator
  • No restriction on pitch length
  • Improved feeder capacity
  • No frequent reloading required
  • Job recall function
  • Running speeds up to 100 feet / per minute (30 m/min)
  • Inline index mark printing for plain web.


  • Folding unit enables inline folding of leaflets during the affixing process.
  • Leaflet label feeding system is a feeder conveyor unit for feeding pre-folded leaflets, booklets or other items onto the web for the production of leaflet labels.
  • Conveyor/placement unit is a servo-controlled segregation conveyor for accurate placement at any repeat length. The unit has two placement positions: using lamination roller or unique castellated tamper roller for glue only manufacture.
  • Adjustable pre-curve roller
  • Hot melt glue and steering unit fully programmable for discrete solid or dashed transverse glue lines or 100% surface coating. Optional inkjet for index marks on unprinted web.
  • Lamination with web tracking configured to laydown pressure sensitive laminate with an optional silencer for self-wound (backing-free) laminates. A web tracking sensor and servo controlled side adjustment enables pre-printed laminates to be laid down in register.
  • FFI proprietary rolling segment die-cutter is a flat-bed servo-driven unit enabling inline die-cutting of leaflets and booklets post application.


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