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Global Graphics Software is one of the world’s foremost experts in printing, PDF and digital document software. Our award-winning technologies and engineers provide the performance, quality and know-how needed for inkjet press manufacturers to achieve consistent high-quality output at blistering speeds for printing digital labels and packaging.

Our solutions and services for label and packaging press manufacturers include:

The faster RIP
The powerful Harlequin RIP® produces unbeatable quality at very high speed. With the Harlequin RIP at the heart of your DFE you can keep presses running at rated speed, even on the most complex jobs, without incurring high costs.

Quality at speed
ScreenPro™ is a multi-level screening engine that will complement any workflow. It improves your output quality with the help of Advanced Inkjet Screens™ to mitigate artifacts such as chaining and mottling, and PrintFlat™ to improve banding.

Exceptional color management
We know you need exceptional color management and color matching to satisfy your customers’ requirements; Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows.

Fastest performance possible for your variable data print jobs
Harlequin VariData™ gives you significant performance increases on processing PDF/VT and variable content in regular PDF files. It uses a unique method of intelligently recognizing repeated content and responds to changes in variable data usage. With our multi-level screening engine, ScreenPro, you can stream VDP to support full color variable printing at speeds up to 240 ft/m. Read how Mark Andy Inc cut its processing times by 50%, even when every label is different:

Simplify your DFE
We also offer inkjet press manufacturers a quicker way to get your inkjet label and packaging presses to market with Fundamentals, a toolkit to create a simple digital front combining best of breed products.

Breakthrough technical barriers
If you need help to get your press to market or have a technical issue that’s stopping you from reaching your market, our Technical Services team will work with you to accelerate your inkjet journey, so you can get to market as quickly as possible.

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