IGT Testing Systems

  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Labels


IGT Testing Systems develops and produces the well-known IGT Printability testers and a series of other paper- and ink testing devices. The IGT printability testers are internationally recognised in the paper, packaging, printing and ink industries.
The equipment produces test strips for offset, flexography and rotogravure.
With the IGT printability testers small quantities of materials such as paper and ink, can be tested under accurately known and repeatable circumstances corresponding to those in printing practice. Printing speed, printing force and inking can be set with the necessary precision and varied independently from one another. With the IGT Printability testers, printing materials can be checked quickly and efficiently. With these devices it is
possible to perform many tests or measurements, due to the large number of accessories available.

IGT Testing Systems uses a large network of skilled dealers that offer local service in many countries.
Additionally, IGT Testing Systems can offer local service by its own service organisation. Besides the head office in Almere, The Netherlands there are IGT offices in the USA,
Singapore and Japan.