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IMELT is producer of hotmelt adhesive for various industries.

A hot melt adhesive is defined as an adhesive system which is thermally melted and develops cohesion (internal strength) by means of cooling, according to DIN EN 923 (Adhesives – Terms and definitions)

Applications by Industry

  1. Disposable Hygiene Products

I-Melt Adhesive has a proven portfolio of Hot Melt adhesives specifically formulated to exactly meet the requirements of Disposable Hygiene Products including Baby Diaper, Feminine Hygiene and Adult Incontinence Products.

What our Hot Melts offer you are:

  • Good Cohesive Strength
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Light Color or Colorless (Depending on the formulation)
  • Faint Odor or Odorless (Depending on the formulation)
  1. Coating & Laminating

Our Hot Melt adhesives for the applications of coating and lamination have excellent cohesive strength and very strong adhesion to the substrates like technical textiles or nonwovens mostly used in those applications.

  1. Mattress & Foam

Mattress manufacturers are starting to use hot melt adhesives increasingly in the mattress assembly process because of their fast set speeds. Hot melt adhesives make assembling process quicker and easier.

Hot melt is a perfect solution for mattress assembly lines because they are easier to handle, nonflammable and require no ventilation system in the application area due to no evaporation process.

  1. Flexible Packaging

I-Melt specifically developed Hot Melt Adhesive formulations for the packaging industry offer an ideal secured transportation for the products to be placed in the carrying or shipping bags such as reinforced handle bags or courier bags that are expected to ensure a safe accommodation during transportation.

We can supply to below industries too, which needs strong and/or sensitive adhesive applications :


The Benefits provided by Hot Melt Adhesives:

  • Easy to handle -  a 100% solid  content
  • Environmentally friendly - Little or no environmental precautions for disposal
  • Solvent-free, non-toxic, flame retardant
  • Give high production speed due to a very fast setting time (They set by loss of heat)
  • Provide a wide range of adhesion to different substrates

 I-Melt company is one of the leading company along with the quality admitted well-known international hot melt manufacturer companies in our territory.

The expectations of hygiene product manufacturers are very sensitive to all raw materials due to their products closely related to human health.

We are the only one local hot melt supplier in the hygiene industry in Turkey.

Our customers from the hygiene industry are very satisfied with our hot melt adhesives and our service because of the below reasons:

  • BEING COOPERATIVE > Considered as a reliable partner by our customers due to our non-stop service within all process.
  • BEING CONSISTENT > Assuring same quality and performance hot melts as the well-known brands. (according to the comparison tests performed)
  • BEING REASONABLE > Giving very competitive price when compared to the hot melt adhesives of the well-known international manufacturers.