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The company holds a leading global position in the markets for high performance coated films, tobacco overwrap, labels and security films. Employing >1400 people worldwide their production sites are based in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Mexico and the UK.

Innovia has 30 years’ experience of manufacturing pressure sensitive facestock films. The product range has over this time developed and now includes Rayoface™ pressure-sensitive facestock films for conventional, digital, thermal and variable information printing processes. RayoForm™ films for in-mould labelling, Rayoweb™ film for release liner applications, RayoWrap™ films for wraparound and cut and stack labels and Ultrafoil food contact compliant (EU & FDA) label films, which offer superior narrow web print and foil performance.

With unique manufacturing and innovation capabilities, Innovia are striving to offer the labels market value through widening the applications that BOPP can be used for. Polymer modifications enable fundamental changes in film performance. Balancing new polymer properties with manufacturing capability can offer exceptional opportunities for BOPP in new markets.
Innovia’s latest developments include Rayoface™ mBoss a BOPP film that has been especially engineered to offer long-lasting premium embossing performance. It offers increased shelf appeal and consumer engagement through bold tactile features as well as the eye-catching print and foiling capability of the paper-like surface. At 130 microns, it has a premium feel and offers high conversion and labelling efficiencies due to its exceptional dimensional stability.

Another new development for pressure sensitive labelling (PSL) applications is a uniquely engineered white cavitated BOPP base film, Rayoface™ QBD. The film is available 60 (2.4 mil) and 65 micron (2.6 mil) and is corona treated on one side. With an opacity of 86%, QBD is better than some solid white label films. In addition, QBD has been engineered to be FDA approved for food contact label applications and has excellent compatibility with PSL adhesives and printing inks. QBD will service a vast number of market segments such as Household and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and other consumer packaged goods sectors. This is only available from their Mexico plant.

Their range of Encore highly functional sustainable recyclable BOPP films for labelling applications includes films that are:
• carbon neutral (cradle to gate)
• films with 30% bio-sourced renewable content PP resin
• films with 30% chemically recycled plastic waste sourced PP resin
• and films with >98% bio-sourced renewable content
Encore films are certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) programme and enable companies to reduce their use of fossil resources.

More recently Innovia announced that the outdoor durability of their PVC free, BOPP Rayoart™ films for graphic arts applications, has been proven to withstand UV and other weather elements for up to four years. A doubling of their previous known exposure timeframe. Tests confirmed that film colour and dimensional stability are unaffected with well over 3000 hours of accelerated aging to ASTM G154 standards. The films physical strength is retained and remains much higher than vinyl, making whole graphic removal at the end of a campaign quick and efficient. For flat and 1D applications up to 4yrs outdoor, it is the obvious choice material.

The range has also recently been extended to include Rayoart™ WGSMatt. This white matt BOPP film is two side coated to provide outstanding print capability on one side, and enhanced adhesive anchorage on the other. The film is available in 60 (2.4 mil) and 90 micron (3.6 mil) thicknesses.

Innovia has also added RayoForm™ EUP to their In Mould labelling range. EUP is a 60 micron, cavitated, white opaque, two-side matt, multi-layer film that provides IML containers with a ‘soft touch’ tactile surface. It is printable and ensures that there is no distortion when used on PP or PE containers.

In 2020 CCL announced the investment of $35 m in a new six-metre multi-layer co-extrusion line to produce RayoFloat™ APO shrink films. This hybrid low density polyolefin film facilitates easy separation of labels from PET bottles and other types of plastic containers in the recycling process to enable bottle-to-bottle circularity, an important goal for global food and beverage brand owners. The capacity comes online in early 2022.