Product Name: COBRA Cure FX2 UV LED Curing System

Description:  COBRA Cure FX2 is a compact, stackable UV LED Curing system. The system is available with intensity up to 8W/cm² and energy density up to 17.5J/cm². COBRA Cure FX2 features edge to edge illumination which enables a stackable UV LED curing system. The fan cooled systems offers two different mounting options. COBRA Cure FX2 is modular and available in any length up to 5 metres. Options available include 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm as well as multi-wavelength options.

COBRA Cure FX2 offers a unique field replaceable window. This allows the window to be changed easily by non-technical personnel, resulting in reduced downtime for your system and ensuring maximum performance throughout the lifetime of the lamp.

COBRA Cure FX2 utilizes chip on board LED technology. This is when a bare LED chip is placed in direct contact with the substrate to produce LED arrays. Chip on board technology allows for a high packing density resulting in high intensity and excellent uniformity for the user.

COBRA Cure FX2 offers instant on/off meaning there is no need for shuttering and intensity control.
It also offers all the benefits of LEDs such as no ozone or mercury content and longer lifetime of approximately 20,000 hours.

COBRA Cure FX2 can be used in many applications but it is ideally suited for applications such as UV curing, pinning and 3D printing.



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