StarFoil Technology


Starfoil manufacturers sheet-fed and cylinder hot stamping presses, spooling and slitting machines as well as foil/core cutting machines. 

The sheet size of the hot stamping and die cutting machines varies from A3 size to 750mm x 1050mm, both in high speed flatbed foil stamping as well as in cylinder foil stamping. The flatbed machines are equipped with Mabeg vacuum feeder and Siemens control system and motors. 

The width of the spooling/slitting and cutting machines varies from 400mm to 2100 mm and fall into a ProLine and ValueLine range to meet everbody’s requirements and budget. 

All Starfoil machines combine easiness of operation with high efficiency and output. 

Starfoil supplies a wide range of printing consumables associated with foiling machines, such as toggles hooks,  make-ready materials and spare parts.