Taghleef Industries

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Headquartered in Dubai, Taghleef Industries (Ti) operates 11 production sites across the globe. With a capacity of 500,000 mt, Ti is an industry leader in the BOPP, BOPLA, and CPP films and is one of the largest packaging, labeling, and technical films manufacturers in the world.

As an innovator in the label market, Ti offers the widest portfolio of standard and specialty films designed for most label application technologies. Each film is specially designed for its intended application in order to achieve optimum label performance.

Taghleef’s IML films offer packaging designers more post-mold finishes than any other film supplier, from metallic to clear to white. The white films come in glossy, smooth, satin, and orange peel finishes, all of which enhance brand differentiation. Titanium™ is Ti’s brand of unique metallic finish films. With the choice of either a mirrored reflective “brilliance” finish or an eye-catching “gunmetal” matte finish, high visual impact to the final product can be achieved.

Ti’s PSL films portfolio has recently been enriched with one side top-coated films. Ti’s topcoat has been designed with best-in-industry printing and is used across all of Ti’s coated films. The patented proprietary high-energy polymer technology on the uncoated side provides Ti’s films with additional functionalities, like the highest mineral oil barrier and incredible PSA adhesion. The complete pressure sensitive films range is available in all the typical facestock looks—from a “no label” look to white, pearlized, and metallic.

Taghleef is the leading global supplier of wrap around roll-fed label films. All aesthetics are available, from the most common high-yield white voided films to “no label look” transparent, matte, and metallized grades. Ti is the world’s largest supplier of lamination grades and monoweb films. All films are suitable for common gluing systems and perform at high labeling speeds either from rolls or by cut & stack.

SHAPE360™ is the brand for Taghleef’s range of shrink label films that provide 360 degrees of design freedom and conform to any container shape—whether plastic, metal, or glass. SHAPE360 includes MD films in low and medium shrink and in both clear and white voided versions. The most recently added high TD shrink clear film improves PET bottle recycling quality and efficiency by ensuring the separation of floatable printed sleeves from rigid PET flakes.