Vicki Strull, branding consultant, Vicki Strull Design on Brand Protection: The brand consultant perspective
Design, pre-press and container selection are key elements to consider in sleeve technology
One of the most common methods of carrying barcodes is on labels which are applied to products in retail, commercial or industrial environments
Hear first-hand from a label converter who successfully entered the lucrative flexible packaging market
Label converters have always shown ingenuity to solve specific end-user problems. Recent label innovations are explored
Understanding the value that innovative packaging generates for your brand customer is an essential part of your marketing tool kit
Whatever quantity of a product is produced, it will be necessary in the majority of cases to mark the merchandise in a way that provides recognition of its manufacturer
Often unseen to most consumers, this market is a large end use sector and one of the most profitable
An overview of shrink sleeve substrates, their uses, and how to choose them
Smaller than the food and beverage label market, the cosmetics sector is characterized by high value-added labels. Regulation by public bodies is less stringent, but counterfeiting is common