Barcodes are a standard method of identifying the manufacturer and product category of a particular item
An exclusive tour of pressrooms in the US and India. See first-hand how converters have adapted operations during the pandemic
Often unseen to most consumers, this market is a large end use sector and one of the most profitable
For all the various products in this category, a wide range of materials is used, and many have to perform in harsh environments
The flexible packaging market offers lucrative opportunities for narrow web printers
Label converters should regularly review their manufacturing process to understand how to minimize solid waste in their label and package production operations
Worldwide revenues from pharmaceuticals are estimated at around 1,000bn USD
Label converters have always shown ingenuity to solve specific end-user problems. Recent label innovations are explored
Automating pre-press
Mike Rottenborn, CEO, Hybrid Software Group Plc on automating pre-press.
A barcode consists of a series of thick and thin alternating vertical dark and light bars of different widths which are printed on to labels and packaging