Project partners from P&G, Aeroflexx and ThoughtMatter take you on their journey to develop ground-breaking disruptive packaging
Barcodes come in many different code formats, sizes and shapes and are found on all types of products in retail, commercial and industrial applications
Leading label converters from around the globe share their strategic insight and tools for success in 2020 and beyond
Design, pre-press and container selection are key elements to consider in sleeve technology
The flexible packaging market offers lucrative opportunities for narrow web printers
Exploring the factors and missteps that can disrupt a shrink sleeve application
This session explores the different ways that the current crisis can manifest, and offers tips for more effective communication, strategies for team collaboration, strengthening emotional intelligence and building resiliency
Each end-user market is different. Understanding these differences is essential if we are to satisfy the customer and the brand owner, and work with them to meet present and future needs
Verification of the printed quality of barcodes to international standards is a requirement for companies involved in their design or printing
Barcodes are a standard method of identifying the manufacturer and product category of a particular item