Vicki Strull, branding consultant, Vicki Strull Design on Brand Protection: The brand consultant perspective
Verification of the printed quality of barcodes to international standards is a requirement for companies involved in their design or printing
Meeting environmental guidelines and standards has proved to be a good, cost-effective business decision
Security labels and packaging play an important part in protecting brands and us from risk
One of the most common methods of carrying barcodes is on labels which are applied to products in retail, commercial or industrial environments
Label converters should regularly review their manufacturing process to understand how to minimize solid waste in their label and package production operations
The challenges relating to product security have always been present
Discussing key trends including automation, AI, flexible packaging, hybrid printing and sustainability
Barcodes come in many different code formats, sizes and shapes and are found on all types of products in retail, commercial and industrial applications
Food labels have many roles to fulfill - from branding and content information to logistics capabilities