Flexible packaging is best defined as packaging which is flexible in format, has no defined fixed shape and can be readily or easily changed.
Exploring the ways a label manufacturer can enhance performance and optimize energy usage within a production facility while reducing carbon emissions
Examining the different sealing, filling and forming methods and machine requirements
Automating quality control
Martin Cusack, product manager Color, DFE and iCenter, Esko; and Jérôme Brangé, solution architect, Packaging, X-Rite Pantone discuss how to automate quality control.
An overview of shrink sleeve substrates, their uses, and how to choose them
Delve into how different generations choose one product over another and how packaging can appeal to their emotions and senses to make a connection
When products contain high value material content they present an attractive target to counterfeiters
Barcodes come in many different code formats, sizes and shapes and are found on all types of products in retail, commercial and industrial applications
Converter case study
Converter case study: Automation from press to warehouse from George Folickman, Director of Sales, Tilia Labs Inc.
Each end-user market is different. Understanding these differences is essential if we are to satisfy the customer and the brand owner, and work with them to meet present and future needs