• 21 Mar 2013

Benny Landa on packaging at EFI Connect 2013

Benny Landa on Packaging at EFI Connect 2013

Benny Landa, founder of Indigo digital print technology and the new nanography pigments developed as a part of Landa Nano print technology, has high hopes for the packaging industry. He spoke about the market’s growth at EFI’s recent Connect user conference. Everything sold in a drugstore or a supermarket is printed packaging.

Landa says, ‘Packaging is exploding. In the west it’s growing at the rate of GDP or faster because families are shrinking­­­­; they need more smaller packages. Digital and the internet are changing things. Brands need to differentiate more, to target.’

In the developing world new urban families are purchasing their products at a supermarket rather than an open air market, and demands for packaging exceed GDP growth.

Landa continues, ‘I don’t think that we are going to see a world that is devoid of printing. Not in our lifetime, not in our children’s lifetime, or our children’s children’s lifetime. Cornflakes aren’t going to come wrapped in digital media.’