• 18 Feb 2015

Labels & Labeling front cover features 16,000 original designs

For the first issue of the year, Labels & Labeling showcases the latest in digital printing technology. Every copy of the magazine features an original, colorful design on its front cover, using HP Indigo’s patent-pending SmartStream Mosaic software. 

Over 16,000 versions were created from 16 core designs. They were printed by Precision Printing on an HP Indigo 10000 press.

The project was inspired by a Coca-Cola Israel marketing campaign, which involved printing millions of Diet Coke labels with different variations of a kaleidoscopic design.

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Be a part of it!

If you're a subscriber to the print magazine, share a photo of your custom front cover with us on Twitter (@LabelsNLabeling) using the hashtags #MyOriginalLL #StayExtraordinary. We also encourage you to email your photos of this special magazine for possible inclusion in the April/May 2015 edition.