Prati glueless turret rewinder

Prati glueless turret rewinder

Prati's range of machines includes inspection systems specific for the pharmaceutical segment, systems for overprinting and video-inspection, modular converting lines and inspection machines with die-cutting units.

The Vegaplus is a converting line featuring a modular platform, which can be configured and added too at a later stage depending on the customers' needs. It can be equipped with multiple die-cutting units, 1-2 flexo or inkjet units for printing or varnishin,g and can also be integrated with inspection control unit. In addition to the production of blank labels, Vegaplus performs automatic registered die-cutting of pre-printed labels with short set-up time.

The Vegaplus LF330 for booklet labels is able to apply - under register - a booklet label on the base label. The Vegaplus LF330 features the new graphic interface, highly intuitive and easy to use.

The glueless turret rewinder is specific to the Vegaplus and brings many benefits. The absence of glue avoid damages to the thermal printing heads, and doesn't require consumables like hot-melt glue, spares and long set-up/cleaning times. It makes the machine process the die-cut material at highest speed and rewind tighter rolls, without any of the problems normally associated with turret rewinding.

'Vegaplus is the highest versatile machine, with this technology it is possible to meet all market demands,' says Chiara Prati, sales manager. 'For instance, the new LF450 and LF530 models are able to satisfy the needs of the beverage market segment, thanks to their capacity to process formats up to 530 mm.'

The most recent models of the Vegaplus line showcase the ability to upload jobs with JDF information, remote connection to a front-end and a completely new visual control system.