• 20 Mar 2013

T-Trade linerless print and apply system

T-Trade linerless print and apply system

A new linerless print and apply system is now available from Transfer Trade, a division of the Italian T-Trade Group. Transfer Trade is a manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons, producing over 40 million sq meters a year. The group also produces self-adhesive labels, thermal transfer printers and readers for the industrial market.

The TT-PA EVO 150, which is now being made commercially available by T-Trade, can work with label reels with a diameter up to 400 mm (1,550 linear meters), dispensing three times as many labels as a similar size reel of PS labels. Fewer roll changes are necessary, reducing machine downtime, and reel storage requirements are significantly reduced.

The TT-PA EVO 150 machine was developed by T-Trade Engineering and incorporates a number of features – the subject of four patents. Firstly, there is no need to stop the machine to change label length. With the TT-PA EVO 150 this is achieved simply by changing the settings on the machine, without stopping it. The working width can likewise be changed from 50 mm minimum up to a maximum 150 mm. Loading label rolls has been made simple and fast, says T-Trade.

The TT-PA EVO 150 is able to print on any receptive material/media, either plastic film or paper reels. It is a modular machine, assembled from standard components including the user’s choice of printer. Application speed is 40 labels/minute, with labels cut on the machine.

The TT-PA EVO 150 is provided with interchangeable application heads - for pallet print and apply, for example – and these can be fitted without modification to the machine.