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The Grey Elephant’s #BRAIN4TOOLS & #SCAN4TOOLS integrated print workflow digitization solutions, putting all your tools at figure position.

Print industry 4.0 is no-longer a buzzword
Print industry, just like other industries is going through digital revolution; demand for more products, the shift to digital and e-commerce, product customizations and personalization, printers are faced with the lingering question of how they can produce instantly, on the go and at affordable cost. This is where The Grey Elephant’s digital technologies meet print automation engine. 
The Grey Elephant’s #BRAIN4TOOLS and #SCAN4TOOLS automatically identify common printing tools like flexo plates, gravure cylinders and separations in one-ups and press sheets. It does it fast and automatically, and all the plate details, such as plate milage, plate condition, belonging production orders are instantly available to your workflow from anywhere at your fingertips, saving costs on new printing tools and press setup time.
#BRAIN4TOOLS and #SCAN4TOOLS are integrable with Esko automation engine.
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