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  • 01 May 2019

B. Braun Medical brings Schreiner MediPharm Needle-Trap to the US

B. Braun Medical brings Schreiner MediPharm Needle-Trap to the US

Schreiner MediPharm has collaborated with B. Braun Medical to introduce its label-integrated Needle-Trap system to the US market.

Needle-Trap is claimed as the only label-based needle protection system on the market. The plastic needle trap is an integral component of the marking label and serves to secure the needle after the injection has been performed. Due to its special construction, Needle-Trap can easily and cost-efficiently be integrated into existing pharmaceutical production processes. It requires only minor modifications of the application systems, no changes to secondary packaging, and minimal space during shipping, storage and disposal.

In the US, syringes should be used with safety devices to protect healthcare staff against the risk of needlestick injuries. B. Braun Medical was looking for an efficient and safe needle protection option for its prefilled Heparin Sodium injection and found it in Needle-Trap from Schreiner MediPharm.

The Needle-Trap system is an internationally established option that complies with the US NIOSH requirements for safe instruments and has been awarded 510(k) Pre-Market Notification by the FDA for marketing in the US.

According to B. Braun Medical, this is the first prefilled heparin syringe with an integrated needle protection device approved by the US FDA.

Leigh Nickens, director of marketing, fluid therapy and injectable drugs at B. Braun Medical, commented: ‘Our products are designed to increase patient and clinician safety, while reducing medication errors and improving dosage accuracy and workflows. Obviously, efficient and economical manufacturing are equally important. Collaborating with Schreiner MediPharm allowed us to meet those needs.’

Gene Dul, president at Schreiner MediPharm US, said: ‘Clinical staff benefit from reliable protection against needlestick injuries because Needle-Trap’s activation is easy and irreversible. It is intuitive to use and requires no change in injection technique.’


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