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  • 18 Apr 2018

H.B. Fuller reports hotmelt adhesive demand in India

Advantra 9280 is suitable for use in multiple applications, such as folding box and carton construction

H.B. Fuller is seeing growing demand from the Indian market for its Advantra 9280 end of line packaging adhesive.

Formulated to meet the needs of extreme ambient temperatures, this hotmelt product is claimed to ensure high-end performance throughout the package life cycle, across different weather and transport conditions. It also delivers consistent bonding on new and challenging substrates favored in the Indian subcontinent.

Harsh Gupta, regional general manager, IMEE at H.B. Fuller, commented: ‘A number of customers have already switched to Advantra 9280, which offers a welcome solution in many demanding applications.

‘To cope with varying conditions, which range from transport at the height of summer to deep freeze storage, it offers both excellent heat resistance as well as great cold crack resistance, maintaining the package integrity in the supply chain journey, and thus the final product’s quality and brand visibility.’

Gupta continued: ‘Its adhesion properties on difficult packaging substrates are unique in the market. It performs well, for instance, with METPET, PET, OPP and PE laminated cartons. It gives great results on varnished surfaces and metallized laminates, as well as reinforced lightweight cardboards with grease resistance or migration barriers. New material designs and increased proportions of recycled materials are no longer a problem.’

H.B. Fuller also noted the adhesive’s hot tack characteristics and fast setting time, which enable high-speed running of machines and help to counteract memory effect in boards. In addition, the large service temperature window and suitability for a wide variety of substrates make Advantra 9280 suitable for use in multiple applications, such as folding box and carton construction, tray and case erection, case sealing and ream wrapping.

‘Advantra 9280 shares all the reliable, high-performance benefits of the trusted Advantra hotmelt packaging adhesive range as a whole,’ added Gupta.

‘These benefits include clean running, even at high line speeds, which reduces the overall adhesive consumption, as well as the machine maintenance, downtime and package rejection. And of course, all our products come with expert technical service support in the region, backed up by a global R&D team and supply chain network.’


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