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  • 08 Oct 2018

Kala receives GFSI certification

Kala receives GFSI certification

On October 2, 2018 Kala received certification of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) with a 98.82 percent score through the IFS PacSecure scheme, a packaging material safety and quality standard for manufacturers of primary and secondary packaging materials.

The GFSI standard has become one of the most important and vastly accepted certification systems to help meet the globalized market demands for food safety across the supply chain.

In today’s world, the food supply chain is faced with a number of challenges with many large food processors, manufacturers and retailers requiring suppliers to secure GFSI certification.

'As a converter, Kala is not part of the food supply chain and not required to incorporate GFSI; however, we voluntarily chose to proceed through the arduous certification journey in order to help our regulated customers feel a level of trust, assurance and acceptance as they work towards meeting their standards,' said Brian Harris, director of quality and compliance of Kala. Harris also adds, 'All of our employees have been champions of the process which paid off with a high score.'

'Our pioneering investment in electron beam finishing for flexible packaging coupled with our recent GFSI certificationon establishs Kala as a leader in food package safety. It feels great to provide brands with cutting edge solutions that offer the ultimate in food safety for consumers,' said Nikki Johnson, Kala executive vice president.


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