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  • 01 Apr 2019

Re targets growth through innovation

Re targets growth through innovation

Re SpA has reported strong interest in its latest innovations, as it seeks growth through 'innovation and customer success'.

The Italian company’s most recent developments include new friction shafts designed to provide accurate post-cutting control on slitter rewinders, and the RotoSpring mechanical core chuck, designed to ensure safe and automatic ejection of paper reels. Presented at the recent ICE Europe 2019 and colocated CCE International, RE SpA identified these as, ‘two important technologies that show our ambitions of growth and research of new solutions to guarantee our customers’ success,’ said Stefano Mercante, marketing and communication of Re SpA.

In the new friction shafts, the friction rings are equipped with gripping rolls with a wide supporting surface to guarantee a perfect grip of the reel cores. This also eliminates engraving of the reel cores that can occur with standard rings during the unloading process.

RotoSpring is made up of a standard Rotogrip mechanical chuck capable of handling the reel ejection without damaging the carton cores, allowing you to use almost all the paper reel without wasting any paper rounds. Thanks to a patented spring system, the new Rotospring guarantees ‘perfect’ ejection of the rolls even in case of damaged cores

Re SpA has also enhanced its Combiflex pneumatic brake with the new HP3 cover that, thanks to a temperature sensor, allows to increase the brake performance and, moreover, the lifespan of the brake and all its parts. LEDs on the cover show the rotation speed of the fan and, in some cases the error, so that the operator is able to see immediately how the brake is working.

Mercante concluded: ‘We are absolutely satisfied for the three days of exhibitions. All the aims we set have been achieved and, in some cases have also exceeded expectations as, for example, the interest that visitors showed for the two main innovations.

‘We come back from Germany with excellent ideas, which we have received from the market, to continue our growth and development and to position ourselves among the leader suppliers of technological solutions for the converting and corrugated cardboard industry.’


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