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  • 11 Jul 2018

Admiral Packaging purchases Sitexco anilox cleaning system

Admiral Packaging purchases Sitexco system

Admiral Packaging, of Providence Rhode Island has invested in a Sitexco anilox roll cleaning system from Eaglewood Technologies.

The Sitexco systems received the 2018 FTA technical innovation award and has been nominated for the Label Industry Global Award for Innovation. Admiral chose the Sitexco SL 127 System as part of its sustainability initiative and to replace its liquid cleaning operation with an environmental product.

Robert Hummell, plant manager at Admiral said of the decision: ‘Admiral Packaging has been focused on continuous improvement for many years and we continue to look for cutting edge technology that will allow our operators to do what they do best and that’s run the equipment. Is the customer going to pay us to change the anilox after we’ve set the press up? The answer is always no, so we must find ways to ensure the anilox are always clean before we need them. To do this we needed to revamp our anilox program and refine the way we clean anilox and the length of time required to do so.

He continued: 'I reached out to Peter at Eaglewood Technologies and I knew from our first meeting that these guys could help us hit it out of the park and deliver exactly what we required. There were features about the cleaner that ultimately made our decision to purchase the Sitexco a no brainer; zero chemical waste and the auto focus feature just to name a few. After many conversations with Peter and his team at Eaglewood Technologies I knew we were buying more than an anilox cleaner, we were building a relationship that is much needed in business today.’


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