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  • 03 May 2018

OPM, Martin Automatic further partnership

Chris Ellison, OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group managing director

OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group has placed an order for additional equipment from Martin Automatic following success with its previous investments.

Martin Automatic was first asked to supply unwind and rewind technology to OPM in 2016. The initial order for Martin Automatic equipment was for two MBSF automatic unwind butt splicers (‘F’ standing for film) and an LRD turret rewinder, fitted to one of OPM’s Nilpeter presses. One of the MBSF units is installed at a right-angle to the press line to feed the second web. According to Jamie Hyde, technical manager at OPM, there was immediate improvement in productivity of around 25 percent. Additionally, he noted that the Martin Automatic equipment has made life far easier for the operators to the extent that he is under pressure from those who work the presses not fitted with the kit. ‘It’s the time it buys you to do other tasks, that’s a real hidden benefit.’

Based on the performance of the first package of machinery, OPM installed a third MBS and a second LRD.  OPM’s first Martin Automatic MLS, a non-stop, compact unit for continuous full-speed unwinding of laminate and foil rolls, has been mounted on Nilpeter’s rail system. Another order has now followed for two further MBS unwind splicers and another LRD. These are due for installation in summer 2018.

Chris Ellison, OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group managing director, explained: ‘We are constantly looking for new technology that will allow us to be innovative. This means working closely with our suppliers to find new and flexible solutions, and we value Martin Automatic’s input as a route to improving efficiency – it’s always good to work with market-leading professionals. Its automation has enhanced our business agility, creating efficiencies that save time freeing us to innovate, automate and grow our business.’

Chris Chappel, Martin Automatic area sales manager for the UK and Ireland, commented: ‘We are obviously delighted to continue this successful partnership, and look forward to working with and supporting OPM with their long-term growth plans.’


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