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  • 28 Mar 2018

STI Group adopts Aramis GS Integrated MIS

Aramis GS Integrated allows for the complete centralization of the order management according to the special requirements of the pre-press business at STI Group

STI Group, a provider of premium package and digital signage in Europe, has deployed the Aramis GS Integrated web-based MIS software from The Quick Brown Fox in its pre-press division.

For internal processes and organization, STI Group has established a customized ERP System by SAP.  However, a continuous, automated and digital tool for administrative processes in pre-press had been missing so far.

Aramis GS Integrated allows for the complete centralization of the order management according to the special requirements of the pre-press business. A key benefit of the integrated MIS system is identified as its ability to be easily embedded into existing system structures without having to change them.

At STI Group, the production area, run with Esko Automation Engine, was seamlessly integrated with the MIS software. Aramis GS exports jobs and their data in XML format, on demand. These XML files are fetched and imported by Automation Engine. This bidirectional connection between the MIS software and production system is claimed as an important step towards automation.

Moreover, Aramis GS Integrated provides STI Group with the option to communicate with customers location-independently, including approval loops, soft proofing or a quick status check.

Bernd Rebscher, technical administrator of the pre-press division at STI Group, explained: ‘A flexible solution was important to us. A solution which connects the customer to all approval processes but will also be adjustable according to future internal requirements and those of our customers. The high level of flexibility achieved through in-house programing by the manufacturer holds a lot of benefits compared to rigid “out of the box” systems.’

Thanks to an easy connection to Esko WebCenter, all functions, such as file management and approvals, may still be used from within the Aramis GS Integrated web portal. This achieves a seamless connection of communication and all approval processes – all within the system structure of the STI Group. All changes and data arrive in Aramis GS Integrated in real time. Duplicate entering of data and information is no longer necessary.

All data collected in Aramis GS Integrated regarding use of time and materials can be managed and supervised and sent back to SAP in one click for invoicing.

By choosing the integrated system from The Quick Brown Fox, the pre-press division of STI Group has reported ‘considerable simplification and unification’ of internal and external processes. At the same time, the flexible system will be ready for any future extension, integration and meeting the future requirements of order management.


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