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  • 26 Sep 2013

Eltromat launches twin_check 2.0 inspection system

Eltromat twin_check 2.0 inspection system

Eltromat has launched its latest generation 100 percent print inspection system, the twin_check 2.0, at Labelexpo Europe 2013. The system is based on a new illumination unit capable of detecting errors on reflective materials or holograms and an RGB line scan camera which doubles the former resolution.

The size of the inspection unit has been reduced by half. Therefore, less space is required within the printing press and the integration is said to be much simpler. Additionally, the camera module can be mounted either horizontally or vertically – as required for the most efficient installation.

The new RGB line-scan cameras come with triple line sensors with 4096 pixels each. Another improvement has been achieved with regard to the illumination. The development was focused on special requirements of package printing, so that now even reflective materials can be inspected without annoying false alarms.

The established webvideo_star, also on show, is now equipped with a new processing unit, which makes the system scalable. Customers can choose to add different modules such as a barcode or sample inspection systems; or, if 100 percent inspection is required, the webvideo_star can simply be upgraded to a complete twin_check 2.0 and/or inline color measurement.