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  • 25 Sep 2013

Erhardt+Leimer launches inspection innovations at Labelexpo

Erhardt+Leimer’s ELCAM Pattern Guiding System and an ELGUIDER web guider in a ‘Cut-to-mark’ application

At Labelexpo Europe 2013, Erhardt+Leimer has introduced its new ELCAM Pattern Guiding System, which allows the rewinder operator to check the print is exactly referenced to the slit position.

The system can simultaneously measure and control the position of the printed image in relation to the die. It can be integrated into any digital E+L web guiding system and therefore permits accurate positioning during different stages of production.

The ELCAM’s camera-based Matrix and Missing Label Detection System (MMLD) – also new – replaces conventional arrays of ultrasonic or optical sensors with a quick teach-in process.

In case of a defect the event is sent via a digital interface to the machine controller that stops the web in exactly the right position on the splicing table.

E+L also presented a new camera-based system that detects defects in the transparent coat of varnish applied to labels after printing.

Finally, the company‘s new Real Time Editing (RTE) process allows the inspection results to be edited in real time on the printing press. Individual defects and areas of waste are defined depending on whether they are relevant or not. The total quantity and ‘good’ counters are continuously updated, thereby reducing overproduction to a minimum.