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  • 02 May 2013

Pricer signs major deal with retailer to introduce electronic shelf labels across Belgium

Belgian retailer Delhaize has chosen to deploy Pricer’s new DotMatrix ESL in all its stores.

Pricer is an electronic shelf labeling specialist, providing high-speed updates of prices and product information to digital shelf labels.

Delhaize Belgium, an entity of Delhaize Group, is one of the main retailers in Belgium, with around 800 stores and a market share of close to 25 percent.

Pricer’s DotMatrix labels offer a clear and high contrast display of prices and product information. Use of e-paper technology offers the broadest cone of vision regardless of the lighting conditions, Pricer said.

Another advantage is that stores can display more information on the electronic label, including images.

Delhaize has already installed ESLs in 29 of its stores in Belgium in recent months.

Tanguy t’Serstevens, supply chain vice-president at Delhaize Belgium, said: ‘We conducted a comprehensive evaluation process. We asked our customers for their opinion, looked at the ease of installation and daily operations, as well as the responsiveness of the suppliers.

‘We selected Pricer due to the readability of the displays, the maturity of the solution, the bi-directional communication and the ease of deploying a full chain rollout.’

‘This represents a significant milestone for Pricer,’ says Fredrik Berglund, chief executive officer at Pricer. ‘Delhaize is one of the top 30 retailers worldwide, and the first leading retailer to roll out graphic labels.

‘We are confident that this project will cover the entire chain in Belgium, and from there, spread to other countries.’