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  • 26 Sep 2013

RotoMetrics promotes Accu-Series line in Europe

North America-based RotoMetrics is busy promoting the advantages of its Accu-Series line of flexible dies to the European market while also using the opportunity to introduce the series to both Asia and Australia. With manufacturing facilities in each of the regions, the die manufacturer offers streamlined logistics service that allows for a 24 hour turnaround time.

The Accu-Series has been designed to address leading trends in the labels market including thin liners, digital printing and shorter runs. Ulrich Kretzschmar, business development manager for RotoMetrics, said, ‘We must be able to react quickly to the needs of our customers.

‘Thin liner is challenging us to keep a tight tolerance while the size of the printing plates are growing as narrow web converters invest in wider machinery.’

For today’s typical short to mid run projects, the AccuSmart is the economic choice. For more cutting options, the AccuPrime provides capabilities to convert a wider range of substrates and liners. For the most challenging applications, AccuStar UltraFilm delivers the most exacting cutting precision to the most challenging synthetics in today’s market, while AccuStar Life targets the most abrasive materials converters face today.

RotoMetrics is able to produce its full line of products at all of the locations, providing consistency to multi-national label converters. Kretzchmar continued, ‘Flexible dies are more prevalent in Europe than in North America. The US is in the transition of adopting the capability.’

Back grinding and nickel coating techniques adopted from the acquired Gerhardt technology, offers two key benefits: manufacturing becomes a faster process, allowing RotoMetrics to turn dies quickly around to clients; and the dies can be manufactured to a tighter tolerance, delivering higher quality tooling to the global marketplace.